What is Rising Damp and the best solutions to fix it!

What is rising damp, and how can it do severe damage to your home or business property? Rising damp is the result of groundwater rising up through capillary action through cracks in masonry and other building material, which results in serious water damage to a building. This could result in decaying timber, flaking and cracking paint, ugly stains, mold, and other eyesores. This occurs when the salts and alkaline materials from the rising damp begin to crystallize, and this causes staining and severe damage to your structure. Professional analysis must be performed in order to differentiate rising damp from conventional water damage resulting from man-made elements. You must determine whether or not your property is potentially receiving damage from rising damp, or if a pipe or other water fixture has burst or is regularly leaking.

If you and your professional have determined that rising damp is affecting your home, there are multiple ways to approach the problem. Commonly, people choose to hire repairmen to determine the source of the rising damp. In humid environments, rising damp is sadly not at all uncommon, but there are many things that can be done to structures in order to prevent rising damp from doing serious damage to a property. Tech-Dry creams can seal the cracks where rising damp is normally able to sneak up into a building, preventing significant aesthetic and structural risk to a building in the process.

Tech-Dry solves the problem at the source by preventing the moisture from actually rising at all. If your building is based in a location with a high amount of humidity or a large amount of groundwater, chances are good that you may be facing serious issues in the future related to rising damp and other types of water damage. There are a number of treatments available, and the best Tech-Dry solution depends on your situation.

Give us a call and tell us more about your issue. If you’ve already had a specialist out, let us know what they said. In addition, if you have not yet called a rising damp specialist, we can send one out to your location for no charge to take a look at the circumstances and determine whether or not your building has suffered damage from rising damp. We can prescribe the best method for preventing further damage from rising damp, and give you multiple options for your specific circumstance.

We’re an Australian brand and we remain the industry’s most well-tested proven treatment against rising damp. Insulate yourself and your property from this highly damaging and difficult-to-fix problem with our one-size-fits-all solution, which is guaranteed to make your life a heck of a lot easier and protect your building from serious structural damage. Avoid mold and other health concerns by utilizing the methodology that professional contractors and water damage experts across the country turn to first before any other method.

Call us today for a free consultation and we’ll give you an idea as to which one of our patented solutions is most appropriate for your situation!


About to start construction on your home? Get a Dilapidation Report!

How to prevent false accusations with the help of Dilapidation Reports

It’s probably your worst nightmare, well it is mine. I work in Construction Management. My job is to bring a construction project in on time, to a high standard of quality, and probably most importantly under budget!

So when you get blamed for something you didn’t do, guess what it? It’s probably your fault anyway.

I know I know, you didn’t cause the damage. There is a broken ceramic tile in the bathroom, your workers were in the bathroom last, and you have no proof, it wasn’t them who did it, but you know it wasn’t them. It’s a horrible feeling.

You can protest your innocence all you want, but all the signs point to you being at fault. At least that is the experience I’ve had in the past. In that case you just grin and bear it, and replace the tile at your expense. But couldn’t this have all been avoided? The answer is YES.

Dilapidation reports are crucial and will save you $$$

What causes a dilapidated building?

Dilapidated buildings are everywhere, 99% of the time they get that way through years of wear and tear from natural elements that batter away at it.

The other 1% of the time, a building is damaged as a direct result of someone intentionally or not breaking something.


Wait a second… What the hell does Dilapidation even mean?

Dilapidation when referring to buildings, is the degrading / wearing / breaking down of a structure, material and / or piece of equipment, so that it no longer serves its original intended purpose. A leaking roof is dilapidated because it should not leak, it should be acting like a cover to a building so that the inside doesn’t get wet. A concrete footpath that has cracked and become uneven, is dilapidated because it no longer serves as a flat surface for someone to walk on.

Dilapidation happens everywhere, look around you right now, where you sit or stand. I guarantee that you will see some peeling paint, or a busted chair, or some torn carpet.

It’s inevitable, it happens, someone has “gotta” pay for it!

Things you build will eventually erode and breakdown, that’s life. The problem is however, could the damage have been avoided?

Your leaking roof, could be the result of a freak storm event, with high winds that batter the roof down eventually tearing a hole in the flashing. Leading to water ingress in to the building, damaging the expensive computers inside. Oh no!

In this instance, the cause of the leak, was pretty much unavoidable, it happened because of a natural weather event. Natural events happen all the time, and cannot be avoided.

Unfortunately we cannot control the weather!

If however the leak in the roof was caused by something, or someone else say for example, a builder, or for example an Air Conditioning installer. Then that person were to accidentally drop a screw on the roof, which then tore at the waterproof membrane. The waterproofing would have then been damaged by a non-natural event that could have been prevented.

In this instance, the installer of the unit would be liable to pay for the roof repairs, because it was their fault the roof became damaged in the first place. There is not much the installer can say if he is caught red handed. The fault is pretty clear cut.

So what happens when the installer denies that this damage was caused by him or her?

Well, in order to prove a damage was caused (or not caused) by someone, the best way to do this is by undertaking a survey (with photos) of an area that is to have work done to it. Essentially you take a bunch of photos of all areas of the building with a time stamp attached to the photos. The photos record the condition of all elements of a building and it’s surrounds. The photos are then compiled in to a document, with comments and noteworthy points identified. This document (known as a Dilapidation Report) is then distributed to all persons concerned. Like the owner of the property, the builder or A/C installer and the neighbours.

So if the installer of the unit on the roof denied having caused the damage, and it was known that no (natural) weather event had taken place, one would only have to check through the report to see if the damage was there at the time of the survey. If the damage was already there, the installer would be absolved of all responsibility. But if the damage was not there when the photos were taken, then it would be quite clear the installer was the one responsible for fixing up the roof leak.

Getting one of these dilapidation reports is important, it save you money and time. Get one done, before you start work on your next project, whether you are the one doing the work, or the owner. It’s important.


Getting a professional office fitout is easy with Sydney Interiors

Interior Office Fit-outs in Sydney

Whether you’re a smaller business or an international corporation, searching for professional office fit out companies in Sydney can end up being a chore. When you’re sorting out all of the tasks for your big move, we understand that your company only wants to deal with firms that keenly understand your needs and desires. Regardless of what kind of field your business is involved in, we know that time is money. Completing the move in to your new office site quickly could be the difference between losing out on a lot of money or making fantastic gains. We follow modern design trends while keeping the needs of your business in mind, and we design an attractive interior with our professional office fitout services. Our company is the most experienced office fit out professionals in Sydney and are members of the Master Builders association.

Voted the one of the best fit out companies in Sydney

For a decade, we have performed interior fit out in the Sydney area for all different kinds of businesses. Regardless of how unusual your situation may be, we can tackle it without a problem. Few companies in the world can brag about having as much experience and expertise as we have gathered in our decade of working in the interior fit out business. Before the job begins, we will gather information about your situation and the type of space you’re working with, along with what sort of things your business absolutely can’t live without. From there, we’ll start the job and walk you through all the steps.
With our tools and knowledge, we can make almost any area suit your needs, customizing the interior furnishings to your specification. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business with only a few dozen employees, or a massive corporation with thousands of workers. We can re-design any interior to solve your problems.
Our solutions are fairly-priced for your situation, and we can even generate custom solutions to fit into your budget.

What are office fitouts you ask?

Sometimes, customers can be a bit confused as to what exactly office interior fit out entails. In layman’s terms, our company basically installs interior furnishings and building services. Our professionals can completely change the appearance of the office space, as well as the functional elements of the building itself. It is our job to tackle this kind of stuff while your company focuses on whatever else is important.
If your business needs a quick office fit out solution to get back on track, you’ve found the right place. Our celebrated office fit out professionals are on the job to get your fitout problem fixed as quickly as possible. No other company is more knowledgeable when it comes to quickly and efficiently handling any job you can throw out.
It is our first priority to make the process as simple as possible for your business. We are there to answer any questions you might have about the progress of the job. If you feel like you need a question answered, or you just want to get an update, you can contact us by E-mail or phone. It is our main concern to make sure that you fully understand anything that concerns you, and we would be more than happy to help you. It is so important that you are kept in the loop, rather than getting the run-around from a two-bit business that isn’t really keeping your best interests at heart.
Most interior fit out companies will do whatever they can to rip you off, and you’ll spend months and months getting run around by them only to find out that you could have gotten a better deal elsewhere. Our business makes sure that every allocated dollar goes to the right place, and we’ll even try and save you a big bundle of money in the long term. We know how to save you money, and we have been helping businesses all over Sydney with office interior design for so long that we know all of the tricks. A good example of this in the real world is that a customer wanted to line a foyer with a specific type of tile. We found out that there was a cheaper alternative which was exactly the same as what she wanted, so we saved her a ton of money on the job. We like to save our customers money, even if it means we lose out a little bit on profit.

Why our fitouts are better than the rest!

Our professional commercial office fitouts Sydney can be adjusted to suit the needs of almost any business, but we can also provide custom solutions to fit anyone’s preferences. We give attention to your interior design vision for your office, and we present a variety of options to find a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. This is basically the “zen property” of interior fit out. We realize the importance of creating a visually-pleasing yet functional design scheme in the office. You could say that our expertise is what makes this possible. We will present you with a selection of different options, and allow you to direct the situation; however, if you have a specific design in mind that falls outside of what we think will work best for your business, we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Sydney Interior Commercial FitoutsWe like to keep our customers happy, as it means they will rely on us for all future interior design solutions for their office spaces. When you need a job done right, and need it done right away, there is simply no alternative to choosing our company. We are excited to work with your business! It is our firm belief that keeping our customers happy is in the best interest of all parties, and it also means that our customers spread our good reputation far and wide by word-of-mouth.
We sincerely hope that you pick us to solve your office fit out problem in Sydney. If you’re looking for professional interior design and fit out, and you don’t want to go through a big hassle, contact us today!


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